Anti-Snore Magnetic Acupressure Ring

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  • May help reduce snoring naturally.
  • Anti snore ring is easy to use.
  • Safe to use.
  • Comfortable to wear while sleeping.
  • Uses ancient traditional Chinese acupressure method & magnetic therapy.
  • Drug free and non-invasive.
  • Suitable for women & men.

Imagine saying goodbye to thunderous snoring and enjoying a restful sleep. The stop snoring ring is adjustable and available in four sizes: Small, Medium and Large & XL to ensure a comfortable fit. Each size is adjustable to allow perfect fit for all finger sizes.

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The anti-snore ring uses combination of the magnetic and acupressure therapy in the purpose to help reduce or stop snoring.

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine method that dates back over 3,500 years. It is considered as an alternative therapy, which involves applying light pressure to specific points on the body, on the basis that these points are related to lines of energy, which impact positively other related parts of body.

Magnet therapy involves applying the weak magnetic field of permanent magnets to the body, for purported health benefits.

How Do Snoring Rings Work?


The anti snore ring looks and feels just like an ordinary ring. It looks good, feels good and is comfortable to wear.

The stop snoring ring consists three magnetized pressure points, which use the principle of acupressure and magnetic therapy in the purpose of causing positive effects to the breathing areas.

How to use Anti-Snore Magnetic Acupressure Ring?

Place the ring at the base of little finger, squeeze and release the sides gently, but firmly to create a firm, but comfortable fit.

The Magnetic side should be located to the left of the base of the little finger as shown in the photo.

You should wear it on the left hand, and keep wearing it continuously.

Enjoy restful and good nights wearing this innovative anti snoring ring!

Available in sizes – suitable for women & men:

S 4.6-5cm / 1.8-2inch
M 5.1-5.7cm / 2-2.2inch
L 5.8-6.5cm / 2.3-2.6inch
XL 6.6-7.5cm / 2.6-3.0inch

We recommend using this anti snore ring together with the Stop Snoring & Sleeping Aid Biosensor Acupuncture Device for maximum results. These two methods reinforces each other.

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5 reviews for Anti-Snore Magnetic Acupressure Ring

  1. Romeo

    Don’t know exactly how it works but it certainly works for me. I am now able to sleep in the same bed as my wife and we both get a restful nights sleep.

  2. Josef

    Works great. Dog ate my 1st one, my wife made me buy another.

  3. Nancy

    First I was thinking that this can not work, but my friend bought this anti snore ring for me as a gift, and i tried it. I was absolutely amazed after two weeks, I stopped snoring. I dont know the reason, but it looks like that the ring did it!

  4. Dean

    We were a bit skeptical that something that was so reasonably priced would really work, but it did. I am getting much better rest now that my husband is wearing the anti snore ring!

  5. Cathy

    Perfect solution for stopping snoring, it worked, took four weeks, but it works! Im so happy!

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