Anti Snoring Electrical Bracelet

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  • Uses the latest technology.
  • Uses a specially designed biosensor with logic-control IC.
  • Detects and reacts to snoring automatically.
  • Helps to change sleeping position without waking up.
  • Easy to use and comfortable to wear while sleeping.
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This anti snoring electrical bracelet is a device designed with the intention to reduce and eventually stop snoring using a nerve stimulation process.

The Stop Snoring Biosensor Wristband can be worn on wrist just like a watch while sleeping. It offers non-invasive method to stop snoring without harmful side-effects.

When the device’s unique designed biosensor detects snoring, it delivers gentle electrical pulses for a few seconds, in order to get user change sleeping position without waking him up.

The brains senses this nerve stimulation, regular use reminds & trains the snorer to change the sleeping posture before snoring starts, this may reduce or help to stopping snoring.

This snore stopper wristband is one of the best available. It works as intended in the most cases. It is adjustable, and fits on every wrist. The device is easy and comfortable to wear while sleeping. This innovative anti snore solution is suitable for both – men and women.

Uses: AAA-battery.
Power-saving automatically powers off after 8 hours of use.

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7 reviews for Anti Snoring Electrical Bracelet

  1. Pete

    The first and only device I’ve used that actually works. My wife even lets me stay in the room.

  2. Franco

    I sleep better & no more nudges during the night to quell my snoring because she sleeps better too!

  3. Erin

    Great ! My husband can sleep as my snoring doesn’ keep him awake!

  4. Jamie

    It helped me to stop snoring almost instantly. Gives gentle pulses, when I start snoring, so I change my position, but I don’t wake up! Thank you, that is the best anti snoring device I have ever tried.

  5. Mark

    This device is seriously life changing.

  6. William

    I have tested many other anti snoring solutions, but this is the one which works for me. I don’t snore anymore. I dont even need to use this bracelet anymore as it trained me to change sleeping position when i was about to start snoring.

  7. Mike

    Works like a charm, it gives small electric shocks, which gets me change sleeping position if I snore… i dont wake up, but stop snoring.

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